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All my dear new friends,

What seems like eons ago, many of us were tempted to take a giant leap, pack up our worldly goods, say sad farewells to family, friends and colleagues, and embark on a journey of adventure and hope to come to this new country. We were tempted and excited by the prospect of aiding and abetting in the promise of building up dreams into realities.
Little did we know that our dreams and ambitions were to become a nightmare, that promises would be broken, and that sharks and snakes walked on two legs.
I for one took great pleasure in meeting some of the wisest friends I have ever had the pleasure to work with...with one exception! (no names, no pack drill, but I suspect they know who they are).
I am pleased that everyone has now settled back into the happy habit of working for a living (hopefully). However, I remain saddened at the demise of what was a promising idea that sadly didn’t come to fruition.
So as we lay venture to rest, I asked you all to look back on those times spent in that remote suburb, not with bitterness but with sympathy and sadness. Sadness that a good idea was allowed to suffer and die, and sympathy that so many were messed up by so few.
I sincerely hope you are all happily settled into your new homes and that you are all now more content.
Goodbye venture, damn George, and Bob may your suffering be as large as your ego. Hmmm! Did I say no bitterness?
Take care folks! We might never meet again as we are so dispersed and life will take over our plans.
Hurt friends,
I now hold no particular bitterness for what I went thru as I now see it as a “step thru the front door”. In a twisted way, if it weren’t for this venture, I would not have been doing what I’m doing now for my family...For me, this is a thinker’s delight, so many new things to learn, and as a bonus, also doing what I trained to do before coming to this country…
I am definitely enjoying swimming in this “hot pot”.
Looking back at the past year I have to say that I have achieved my goals for coming to this country and I do not regret my decision. Yes, even with all the drama of establishing a new home, the lies and broken promisesssss. After all, I came to experience that which I have not experienced before, and BOY DID I EXPERIENCE IT!
(credit to Kevin and Trung)