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Wise Friend,

Enchanted by her son’s sweet words, Caterina wrote to me, “He made me think about myself and wondering what would my mission be….”.

Bringing up a good, manly man is quite a mission!
Enjoy the journey!
The rest is secondary.



Sensitive Friend, 

Yesterday, the journalist wrote about witnessing a beating. She called it “injustice.” It was “evil.” Scratching my head, why as a narrator, she refused to call evil “evil?”

Today, Boston was attacked. If they don’t get caught, we have injustice. If we refuse to call it “evil,” then we disparage the truth.

Wise Friend,

Let’s dare say: “This is evil!”

Today, my toddler granddaughter spoon-fed her food to the father saying: “Aaah!” The father obliged.