Social Media, False Friends? Not Necessarily

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sensitive Friend,

From time to time, social media annoys me so much. I used to refrain myself from confronting. I repeatedly have to tell myself this is only a social media “friend” and not my friend. Things changed, sometimes, these are the people who share the same values, and the way they raise and issue or respond overcomes not ever meeting but allowing me to clarify thoughts, to change my mind, if I decide so.

Wise Friend,

Real life annoys us frequently. It’s not the monopoly of social media.

I’m thinking about a group of people on social media, not the ones I stop following as I do with real life friendships, given seriously opposite values; the ones who seem to swim in a river of neutrality with intelligent wording. They make me wonder: “What are actually their opinions?” Two days ago, one shared the video of a woman crying and talking about the death of an acquaintance, commenting that each time somebody dies, something dies in him. It struck me as cheap comment.

Yesterday, Boston happened. Not even one mention. I knew he was the one not to follow any longer, he stepped out the neutrality river.

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