Is Your Thinking in This Instance Is Irrelevant?

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Fiction, Musings

Wise friend,

Here we go again: we had this pleasant conversation, and we started a topic, innocent in its nature. Yes, I know. Each item begins like that, and suddenly it becomes a serious discussion. No facts, no facts, again and again. So the next thing, she mocks me, with that air of superiority, of elitism. Out of nowhere, I said:
“That you don’t get a specific social construct and the fact you also choose to mock and belittle, it means just that you don’t get it, and while running out of arguments, you resort to mockery. Therefore, your thinking in this instance is irrelevant to me”.
We changed subjects. A gorgeous day, this city at its best, comes to a close.
I took it easy today as if I wanted to taste it minute by minute; I lived this day thinking back to essentials (Yes! They Matter!) – I can’t explain motherhood. It’s just an incredible experience. I’m sure I can’t understand fatherhood. I feel blessed for having been a mother.
Miss you!
Lovely Friend,
Good, finally! Miss you, too!
Be wary of insults, mockery and debase. Indeed, one goes there when has lost the arguments. When their case is weak, they mock.
This last week, the little toddler girl has started opening doors and climbing on everything claimable. Yes! It Matters!

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