Bliss matters

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Fiction, Musings

Wise friend,

I know, when I write, you might get the impression that it sounds only like bad news – from crisis to crisis.

In fact, most of my moments are just fine – many are blissful.

I need to find the secret of writing about blissful moments, about moments of peace and contentment and keep you interested.

I might have the most beautiful calm and pleasant hours, and something happens, an interaction with another, or being too much on my own, and a little internal conflict raises its head. Then I, the aware, starts thinking, processing, learning, and trying to understand. I’m dying to let you know.

Bliss! How can I hold on to it when I interact with another?


Miss you

Friend of blissful moments,

Bliss matters. Bliss in daily mundane life.  Please share, however odd!

Miss you, too!
Last week the little girl said ‘turtle’, ‘apple’ and ‘wall.’ Just to hear that and it felt so…..blissful. Then they told me that she pulls the hair of her friends. Oh!Oh!

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