Are Lucidity, Intellect, and Luck Related?

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Musings

Sensitive Friend,

You are projecting your lucidity on me. Had I been lucid, I’d have been rich and powerful. I’m painfully naïve and trust too many people.

Wiaw Friend,

You’re underestimating yourself. Anyway, I wasn’t thinking about the type of clarity that leads to wealth and power. When I mentioned the richness of your lucidity, it didn’t even cross my mind to see it in a negative light. You seem to think so.

Indeed, there is no logical or satisfying relationship between the quality of one’s clarity and the standard of living of that person. Please accept the power of your outstanding intellect. Your litmus test is if you’d be willing to pay the price it requires. I’m not so sure whether I want to pay that price.

Maybe I should abstain from generalisations, maybe I’m wrong, or I might unwittingly lie to myself to buffer my conscience. Maybe all these are creating unwarranted problems for you. I need this explanation for myself.

I hope that you understand. Men and women have different internal resources to face such situations. Therefore, I believe that a woman with a superior intellect needs the luck to attain what she indeed deserves.

I hope you don’t think that I’m sexist or misogynist.

I can’t add anything else.

Sensitive Friend,

We all need luck, as well,

I can’t add anything else, either.

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