Spiritually enlightened – what does it mean?

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Musings

“Spiritually Enlightened.” What does it mean? Who belongs to this clique or group? Who decides? What does it say about the rest?

I feel unrest.

Two somehow similar tragedies have happened far away on other continents. They weren’t the results of thunderstorms or floods – I think that the word ‘tragedy’ is not accurate enough. They happened because some people planned them and took to action and affected the lives of other people and anybody close to them. They have touched many of us, remote from them. We seek to explain. One person addressed a plea of help for understanding and moving forward to the “spiritually enlightened.”

Who is the “spiritually enlightened” one? The Buddhist? The Christian? The Jew? The Atheist? The demanding Jubu? Maybe the elitist? Who?

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