Does It Make Sense to Sign an Affidavit While Accused of Fraud?

Posted: September 3, 2018 in Musings

Dear friend

The lawyer talked with me about the introduction of Legal Aid in this tiny country; many people are convicted without legal representation. While the state has a considerable number of lawyers per capita, very few specialise in criminal laws. It is socially shunned upon, and therefore not many lawyers want to cover that area. People without money cannot have then a criminal lawyer. The lawyer set up a system where one lawyer supervises twenty law students to carry out defence systems for people without money.
Questions and answers followed:
– How do they establish who has or not money?
– It can be quite tricky, especially for people charged with fraud. The fact that they have to sign an affidavit while accused of fraud makes it even stranger.

Quite a riddle, isn’t it?


In the end, I went to look for my car. My rented car is red, quite modest Plymouth car. When I went out, it was already dark. I saw a red car, and I told the valet, “It’s mine. This is my car.” The valet insisted that no way this car could be mine. He was right. It was a red Ferrari or something similar. Maybe it is mine. Not yet.

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