Reluctance or Comfort

Posted: November 10, 2018 in Fiction, Musing, Musings, opinion, philosophy, relationships

Sensitive Friend,

I thought of you and your comments about what I have been writing.

During the last week, I had strange experiences, and I wrote about them to two female friends back home. With them, I feel free to go into details both intimate and embarrassing. It would be difficult for me to write such information to a male friend.

While writing to them, I communicated with you in my mind “You see I write about such things as well.”

I feel some apprehension writing about such events as there is a big gap between a spicy conversation over phone or one-to-one, where the tone and gestures matter a lot and when I could be responsive immediately to the level of acceptance of the person listening.

When writing, all those nuances get lost.

I need to trust the reader fully, to write such details, and I also assume the friend hears and sees me while reading.

Wise Friend,

It didn’t cross my mind, I didn’t imagine, I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all…would you confide in me with the details you mentioned. I’m not that man.

I understand well the limits and the feelings around the written word and consider how the off-line time and distance impose upon each one’s receptiveness; we are right to remind each other that from time to time. Add to that the worry, sometimes close to the limits of asthenia, to not overtax, to keep a measure and to be “comme il faut”.

It is as you say: “reality is the reality (sic!)”, “here and now,” and similar.

I keep the ending.

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