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Wise friend,

What a day! A sweet taste of me, of space, and of freedom.

Happy for a while just with superficiality, with kindness, joy, and laughter. Good to stay on the surface and not always be deep, deep. I was with others. We laughed, exchanged some ideas. Topics were sometimes light, sometimes important. We talked with a sense of curiosity and prudence in not hurting each other while expressing our thoughts.

I needed this tonight!

In the morning, I received an aggressive message. What made me reply?: “I believe in a civilized communication. You didn’t; you don’t. We won’t.”

I swivelled around singing:” You didn’t, you don’t. We won’t…You didn’t; you don’t. We won’t…You didn’t; you don’t. We won’t”.

Later, I was with friendly people; two hours of pure joy. I breathed in superficiality, a sweet taste of me, of space, of freedom.

Miss you!

Sweet, free friend,

When superficiality soothes, it’s more than that.

Miss you, too!
The toddler girl felt on the top of the world, on the shoulders of her father. I was at the top of the world watching her.