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Tell me, what happened? You look so tense! I listen:

“She tosses around with her wonderful emotional ideas. Her voice changes, and her facial expression changes. Now, now is the moment to reveal again and again what a great, beautiful heart she has. If I get swept by this energy, the idea sounds gorgeous. It’s so essential for her to feel good. Damn with the consequences! So what if in the end doesn’t do good? It doesn’t seem to matter! Feeling good matters! Do you remember when she told me that it didn’t matter if there was any content in a talk, as long as the ideas and the words were beautiful and poetic?

So we instead listen to a person of sweet nothings…

She believes that people who throw these emotional ideas are kinder, smarter than those with whom I befriend.

In her eyes we are stupid. When I demand examples, facts to prove anything that she claims, she starts mocking me. She ran out of arguments. Then she labels me, taking immediately upon the label, as instantaneously she believes it. She proceeds to accuse me of the mock tag she’s just attached to me.

Anyway, I’m going for a walk to soothe my soul on my heavenly trail. Life is beautiful!”


Yesterday the toddler girl played basketball. She laughed – a bundle of joy and happiness – hold on to those forever! Somebody told the mother that she needs “to increase the height of the ring.”