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Wise friend,

Did you hear and see THAT? People are angry that the Fitch CEO, dared, you understand (?), wants and dares to sell only small sizes.

I wonder if Plus Size only shops are OK. Why is it so?

I can’t wear Fitch. I would if I could.

If they want to sell size 00000, it’s their right to choose so.
Their P&L will be clear:
• Loss – bad business model
• Profit – a good business model
A niche market is a good concept in business. It matters!
This should be our biggest worry, which Fitch sells only small sizes.

Miss You!

Not Small Enough for Fitch Friend,

I can’t wear Fitch either. So what! I want to slim down to healthy me. Part of me stops me! Why? Why? HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

Miss You, too!
We’re waiting for the next one! It matters.