Lovely dinner – all happy, I changed the subject

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Musings

Wise friend,

Out of the blue, Michelle exclaimed emphatically: “Dogs are human!

Why did I want to say “Yes” and scream “No!”?

Would she be happy if her children would have developed to the level of dogs, concerning everything? Walking, toilet training, lapping their food from a plate, walking around naked, sleeping on the floor, talking – pardon I meant barking, reading, designing. Arghh!

I want to love my dog! Alternatively, my cat for that matter! Alternatively, can’t I dislike having either in my house?

“If dogs are human, does it mean I, as a human, am a dog?” Stupid, simplistic not just simple – this what came to mind.

I went quiet, changed the subject. I didn’t feel ready to express what I wanted to say precisely. Surprise and, (Yes!) indignation stopped me. That’s me!

One subject on which if you disagree, you’d be silenced.

It was a lovely dinner; we were happy; I would have spoiled it. I changed the subject.

My human friend,

Similar in parts, though few – NOT identical! Separate, different.

I, on the other hand, cringe when people claim that those who love dogs, or cats, or animals are good people, hinting that those who don’t want animals might lack goodness, at least to some extent.

Indeed, people cruel to animals would be most probably cruel to people as well. Many times human can be more brutal than animals. On the other hand, the way we, people, manifest goodness, charity so many times is greater, richer.

This is it. Some people love their dogs and are abusive to people. Some don’t like animals, and they are good people. Some… whatever….

It’s easier to love an animal than another person blindly. The dedication of an animal is total – of another person is complicated.

What would a manly, healthy man allow me to hold his head firmly to my knees and move my hand powerfully over his head, under his chin, over his back, three times a day, every day? Dogs and I love that.

Are dogs human? Can they conceptualize? Do they do different acts from 10,000 years ago? Did they learn how to design and create?

Do they grapple with the moral dilemma?

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