Many of us have to show up in order to shine

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Fiction, Musings

Wise friend,

I always leave to him to call, to initiate, wherever he is.

I’m uncomfortable to intrude, to impose, to force, to embarrass  – in fact, I expect him not wanting to see me, or like me. Maybe, I’m afraid of losing him.

Friend, you’re too quiet for your own good.

Many of us have to show up to shine. Otherwise, it’s a sure way to lose those who interest us. Some people don’t show up just by being too discreet, too humble. If you are one of them, accept it, and change your approach. People want cooperation. Alternatively, maybe better to lose people who wish you not to cooperate. So what if he is your son?

The baby reluctantly was born and proceeded to sleep. The little girl tries touching him just so gently. If asked to push a bit harder, she wimps in concern, and she turns to the apple imprint on the baby’s wrap: “Apple, Apple!” The father laughs: “Yes, Apple

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