Abandoned With my ‘Fingers Burnt’?

Posted: September 1, 2018 in Musings
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Wise Friend,

My main feeling these days is of having been abandoned – you know – all alone – the only people who ever loved me are dead…dar dum de dar…

It’s good that you’re a long way away – I’m a lousy company at the moment.

Sensitive Friend,

You are always a great company for me. Some people love you very much including me. What you yearn is intimate love, which includes hugging and kissing and rolling you into a lover’s arms – from parents’s deep love to that of lovers. That love is scarce (one can count from one to three in total – two of them are the parents when lucky ) and valuable, and you might now concentrate on that as missing.

Wise Friend,

Sure that’s what is missing I agree, but I’m very `fingers burnt’ and consider myself a real failure on that score. Can’t imagine EVER letting anyone get close enough again.

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