The absurdity of beautiful words. What matters!

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Fiction, Musings
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Wise friend,

May I write about what I sense that is the absurdity for poetry? Poetry as in “It sounds so beautiful!”

Justine shared a quote from Marcus Aurelius: “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

Others commented upon hearing this “So very true!”, “Very well said !!!!”,  “I always believed in this!!!”, moreover, “Great quote and so true.”

I posted a set of questions: “So is it true without being a truth? Is it just an opinion or perspective? There are no facts?

Justine answered: “Buddhist theory of emptiness,” and “emptiness – everything in itself is empty it is the perspective we put on it.”

Here I’m amused with musings. So do we want that? Do we want emptiness? Shall I feel guilty that today I felt that my life is full and happy? Shall I be grateful for that, or when I feel empty?

It sounds so poetic! Realistic? Practical? So what is illegitimate for one is legitimate for me, as all is just my opinion vs. another’s opinion, isn’t it? What it’s true for me is untrue for another? Who cares? Is this healthy for a society? Is there no truth? We want to acknowledge differences, nuances, and interpretations and respect opinions. We also strive to understand human nature and how a society prospers. There are no facts?

Friend Amused with Musings,

Maybe those who support such theories don’t strive strong enough to understand human nature and our imperfections. They attempt and run away from who we humans are.’

The little girl said ‘poo’ when her mother changed her diaper. It matters!

The father took the mother to the hospital: “this kid won’t budge’, he said about the kid to come.

I pray that they are healthy, and become good, and strong.  I feel like promising anything, anything.

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