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Wise Friend,

Your call last evening was short and silent.

Sensitive Friend,

Many times, it happened that all I needed was to dial the number of a close friend, say “hello” and then I couldn’t discuss what preoccupied me as if putting all that in words would make my issue sound so superficial. Each time, this confused the friend I called, who ended up with the feeling of not having helped. However, this minimal contact of a few seconds was essential to me. It has been selfish of me to initiate such a call, and I learnt to control and abstain.

Wise Friend,

Please don’t tell me merçi so many times because there is no reason. I’m not offering a service, a present or just amiability.

It throws the dialogues out of balance, and it makes me feel inadequate.

I have only one upper hand over you, and it is not my merit: I express with more clarity in this language, which you had no opportunities to use for a few decades. It’s crucial for me to use the exact word which would reflect the most adequate nuance of what I want to say.

I can do that only in this language. I dislike words of complacency or used to fill the space or to show off.

In turn, you benefit from the advantage of intuition, realism, and of your talent to convey states of mind indirectly, and thoughts one can hardly notice between the lines, sometimes not even linked to the content word by word (mot-a-mot).

Yet again, you would tell me I “project”. And I’ll answer it might be so.  There is nothing we can do, such we are, each one with own psyche formed thought own life. Sometimes I feel such a waste. I guess now I overstepped what I mentioned above.

Sensitive Friend,

It’s tempting to say you’re projecting. In this instance, I’m not.

Wise Friend,

For the time being, I don’t know what to reply to what you wrote. It’s not the first time you turn my words around, which disorients me.

This dialogue had no content though it is pregnant with meaning. Do I project, yet again?

I believe I’ve reached a dead moment. What do you say? Shall I stop writing?

Sensitive Friend,

How come? If you think we need to communicate about something specific, write. We had long spells of silence before. That my mind stops from time to time means nothing.

Wise friend,

May I write about what I sense that is the absurdity for poetry? Poetry as in “It sounds so beautiful!”

Justine shared a quote from Marcus Aurelius: “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

Others commented upon hearing this “So very true!”, “Very well said !!!!”,  “I always believed in this!!!”, moreover, “Great quote and so true.”

I posted a set of questions: “So is it true without being a truth? Is it just an opinion or perspective? There are no facts?

Justine answered: “Buddhist theory of emptiness,” and “emptiness – everything in itself is empty it is the perspective we put on it.”

Here I’m amused with musings. So do we want that? Do we want emptiness? Shall I feel guilty that today I felt that my life is full and happy? Shall I be grateful for that, or when I feel empty?

It sounds so poetic! Realistic? Practical? So what is illegitimate for one is legitimate for me, as all is just my opinion vs. another’s opinion, isn’t it? What it’s true for me is untrue for another? Who cares? Is this healthy for a society? Is there no truth? We want to acknowledge differences, nuances, and interpretations and respect opinions. We also strive to understand human nature and how a society prospers. There are no facts?

Friend Amused with Musings,

Maybe those who support such theories don’t strive strong enough to understand human nature and our imperfections. They attempt and run away from who we humans are.’

The little girl said ‘poo’ when her mother changed her diaper. It matters!

The father took the mother to the hospital: “this kid won’t budge’, he said about the kid to come.

I pray that they are healthy, and become good, and strong.  I feel like promising anything, anything.